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I suggest his memory started to slip away following the 2010 general election, after which he broke most of his promises, as did Nick Clegg.
But they saw the lead slip away in straight-sets defeats for Murray and James Ward.
But he let it slip away dropping four shots in his final six holes of the day.
They cannot afford to let it slip away," Obama said.
BARVIKHA: Russia on Friday said that Iran was letting the opportunity for dialogue with the international community slip away and warned that the Islamic Republic could face new sanctions.
23 (ANI): Five official drivers of Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari, who had been sent to the US for a chauffeur-training course last year, have managed to slip away in that country abandoning their Government of Pakistan jobs.
But last week's game was another example of a game that was allowed to slip away.
As day must turn to night, So the years will slip away, Pushed into time elapsed, Condemned to yesterday.
We worked hard all year to get to this point, and we weren't going to let this one slip away," Lowe said.
Like a cloak of invisibility, an enzyme released by strep A bacteria lets them slip away from the body's staunchest defenders, a new study shows.
It seems so strange to just slip away," said Gates during a recent phone interview from Frankfurt.
In the end he is exposed as a lovelorn poseur, a former math geek and term paper writer for cash who has remade his image and plotted for years to win the prize of Didi, only to see it all slip away.
made textiles are seeing their share of the consumption slip away to imports from Asian countries.
But the agents held on to most of their business, letting about $6 million to $7 million in renewals slip away.
Led nowhere By a strange non-person with no plan Whose name I can't pronounce, who disappears, Who wanters off forgotten and unfound, A child's bad dream, a mortal man's, Whose life has slipped away, as faith Can slip away from people as they age, Like a swan floating under a bridge On dark water at night, just The slightest streak of white, then nothing.