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Synonyms for slinky


Synonyms for slinky

so slow, deliberate, and secret as to escape observation

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Slinky came into us as a young unruly adolescent who had been passed from pillar to post and who hadn't had any stability in his life.
Miss Slinky is also likely to be someone who has changed the way they feel about themselves and is full of new confidence and energy, ready to hit the Christmas parties looking and feeling fabulous this festive season.
This is another step up but not the most competitive heat, and her liking for the track must stand Slinky McVelvet in good stead.
However, for Slinky ground heat exchangers, an appropriate model is absent for simulation due to the complex geometry of Slinky ground heat exchangers.
Put a Slinky in one hand and hold it midway down the coil with the other, and then remove the hand the Slinky rests on.
The Supreme Household Pet title went to Slinky Malinky, whose owner, Mrs Lesley Szwed lives in Coventry.
At the Society of Rogerian Scholars 20th Anniversary Celebration on October 11, 2008, Visions Co-Editors, Sonya Hardin, RN, PhD, and Martha Bramlett, RN, PhD, were honored by President Marlaine Smith with the Golden Slinky Award.
Various costunes are used by the performer to recreate characters like the Human Blowfish, the Octopus Dance, Two Tubes Slinky, Human Slinky, and Blue Eyes.
Nevertheless, when Slinky first went on sale in America, the first 400 toys sold out in 90 minutes.
Dazzling bead work, flattering jewel tones, miles of ruched chiffon and slinky, shimmery silhouettes ruled the red carpet at the 13th Annual Screen Actor's Guild Awards Sunday night.
The slinky beat and flirtatious lyrics are guaranteed to get some shirts unbuttoned at your next after-hours bash.
Philosophy Greetings From the North Pole Set (shower gel not shown), $25, Sephora Give her silky skin to go with that slinky New Year's 6.
Produced by a stellar selection of names that include Timbaland and Black Eyed Peas, it's stuffed with ridiculously commercial but sophisticated slinky soul n strut, Dianne Warren providing the dreamy cinematic ballad How Many Times, How Many Lies while We Went As Far As We Felt Like Going recalls the vintage days of Labelle, the evergreen Sway leads them off into Vegas Latin cabaret lounge, Right Now has a brassy samba rhythm and big Broadway musical feel, the disco classic Hot Stuff hits the Eurodisco beat with panting breathy vocals and Feeling Good sees them tackling the Newley/Bricusse tune in slinky Eartha Kitt meets Bassey torch song mood.
US troops in Vietnam used them to make radio antennae, they have been on a space shuttle mission to test the effects of zero gravity, and they have been immortalised on an American postage stamp; the Slinky is even the Official State Toy of Pennsylvania, where it's made.