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Synonyms for slink

Synonyms for slink

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walk stealthily

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Mr Bayada said that he put the slinks he removed by hand from the reserves in his pocket and said the tampering carried out would not be noticed in a pre-jump flight line visual check.
Mr Franklin said: "In particular, we are looking for slinks that were missing from the parachute, which may have been removed and discarded somewhere.
McCain slinks off There was some confusion in the aftermath of the selling hurdle won by Jim Tango as auctioneer Alan Brereton announced that the winner would not be subject to VAT.
Around slinks June, sweetly inquiring, What books have
Piano exceeds expectations with a swelling glazed protuberance, five storeys high, that slinks around a more conventional orthogonal block, enfolding it in a sinuous, shimmering embrace.