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Synonyms for slink

Synonyms for slink

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walk stealthily

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Their maps show blobs slinking across the ocean like amoebas on a microscope slide.
It counts the dead kings and earls on the battlefield and pictures the Norsemen slinking home while their dead sons are being devoured by ravens and wolves.
Naturally, any downgrades would complicate matters for the stock, potentially sending its slinking lower.
Luckily Robin, above, instead of slinking offto weep about it, decided to use our hate to good effect by playing onscreen baddies.
BARKING MAD: The dozy pooch wanders in front of the speeding cyclists RUCKAS PICTURES; WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE: The collision; SPIN CYCLE: Burghardt is thrown from his bike as the dog is bowled over; SLINKING FEELING: The labrador leaves with his tail between his legs
A 3am spy says: "June spent the whole day in bed but managed to pull off her guest appearance before slinking back to bed.
The 7-foot alligator reportedly slinking among the ducks, water reeds and empty Doritos bags in a Los Angeles lake hasn't technically been caught yet.
A tiger near a woman wearing a tiger-print skirt might be chasing the rights to his own logo, like the snake slinking near the snakeskin shoes and the butterfly fluttering over the wing-shaped decolletage.
a privately held marketer of innovative game accessory products, has claimed the number one spot as top-selling accessory across all gaming platforms from February through July, and it doesn't appear to be slinking away from the top of the heap any time soon.
Despite slinking out of Britain, being booted out of Cambodia - and the same fate will fall on him when he has served his time in Vietnam - does he honestly believe that the public think he is innocent?
With arms slinking and hips undulating, she wowed audiences and even Bono with her high-flying karate kicks.
Slinking along the catwalk, they launched the La Perla collection at Olympia yesterday on the second day of London Fashion week.