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a plaything consisting of a Y-shaped stick with elastic between the arms

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Avanti Slingshot is a high-performance print MIS solution that creates one seamless process for incorporating business intelligence (CRM, dashboards and reporting); production planning (estimating, imposition, planned purchasing, sales orders, inventory management and scheduling); as well as warehousing, shipping and billing.
Slingshot also has helped the Rio's waiters, bartenders and servers by providing information on how to improve customer service.
With a curb weight of 780kg, a very low centre of gravity, and a powerful engine, Slingshot delivers heart pounding acceleration and astonishing cornering power.
With this integration users who subscribe to Raven's Slingshot system will be able to automatically transfer data from their Slingshot Web accounts and Raven's field computers into Trimble's Connected Farm.
Ang discloses that with the help of Allan Tan, CEO of Ideyatech and co-founder of the new system, Slingshot will also become available to other entrepreneurs in other industries and services.
0 comes in a modern, more compact package, making it easier to fit in the cab while still carrying forward the industrial strength and reliability that Slingshot users have grown accustomed to.
Dave started to race in the early 2000s, initially with a 998cc Mini at club meetings, before he and his dad John bought an unfinished slingshot dragster, which was raced with minor success for a year.
Polaris, a manufacturer of snowmobiles and ATVs, has revealed details of a new three-wheeled roadster named Slingshot.
Slingshot doesn''t require a Facebook account, but it gives slingers the option of linking with their profile to find friends.
Washington, June 18 ( ANI ): Social media website, Facebook has launched on Tuesday a self-destructing photo sharing app called Slingshot.
FACEBOOK LAUNCHES SLINGSHOT, A SNAPCHAT RIVAL APP Of course Slingshot does borrow lots of features from other apps like Vine's video loops, Instagram's video length, Snapchat's disappearing images, but it does a great job in compiling them in a fun package.
com/2014/05/19/facebook-snapchat-slingshot/) reports , the social networking giant Facebook has been working for several months on a disappearing messaging app called Slingshot.
Four weapons, gas masks, helmets, sticks, slingshot and balls are among the materials that the protesters used at the Gezi demonstrations.
Slingshot works across all sectors and have clients in television, publishing, events, music, award programmes, and charities with a focus on pushing boundaries in sponsorship.