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in a slim or slender manner

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9) Water lilies being the subject of Monet's painting at Giverny, Figes narrates how he painted a beautiful yet fragile plant slimly anchored to the bottom of a pond, a representation of beauty in arrested motion, as in Keat's "Ode to a Grecian Urn.
Warren, a Harvard law professor, won in urban areas like Boston and Worcester and closed the gap in suburban areas that slimly sided with the incumbent.
IT research and advisory firm Gartner projects a growth in the tablet market to 479 million units by 2015, trailing slimly behind 553 million PCs.
Dockers recently selected Grylls as the face of its campaign, which features the boyishly handsome adventure fanatic tramping through Central Park in slimly tailored khakis and a narrow tie, looking more like a young Gregory Peck than Crocodile Dundee.
Mr Richard is around 5ft 10in tall, is slimly built and has a smooth face which looks even younger than the 18 years he has lived.
But these old packs, which lie at the end of their twigs, throw out now long sprays alternately and slimly leaved, looking like bright keys.
Despite third party reports calling the electoral process into question and a provision within the Albanian constitution that enables this review, the Prime Minister and the slimly elected Democratic Party have refused to "open the boxes.
I've even, in my more idle and whimsical moments, speculated on the possibility of campaigning for larger folk to be restricted to special lanes on our pavements so we speedier, wirier types aren't delayed as we go slimly about our business.
The second is slimly built, around 5ft 6in, with dark hair and wore a dark hooded top.
20 metres on her final throw but that was not enough to dislodge the slimly built Miankova.
Chapman's reputation as a classical critic was key not only to the production of the Clarendon Press edition of Austen's works, but also to the national recognition of Austen as a paragon of "Englishness," specifically the "Englishness" that so slimly survived World War I.
Johnson said that because of Cooper's timing, the board that will name his replacement is his hometown commission, which is Democratic--compared to the district as a whole, which is slimly Republican.
From her black asymmetrically conical hood of hair, dexterously twisted over the lobe of one ear, descends the tracery of her slimly coiled eyebrows and the pinched elongation of her nose.
This was heightened by the recent eruption of the Mayon Volcano which left tons of sand and ash on its slopes that turned to a slimly sludge that surged down the mountainside engulfing villages, homes and people in minutes.