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a naked mass of protoplasm having characteristics of both plants and animals

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They captured the core mechanisms needed by the slime mold to connect its food sources in an efficient manner and incorporated them into a mathematical model.
YELLOW STUFF Team Slime Mold aggregates quickly, and before we've reached the parking lot, Biechele clocks the first find.
What's more, these results led Simon and his colleagues to investigate an age-old, baffling question about slime mold behavior.
Professor Atsushi Tero of Kyushu University says slime molds actually out-calculate modern computers, but when slime mold behavior is analyzed and arranged into bits and bytes, computers could be programmed to mimic slime mold's capabilities.
A hungry slime mold wants that oat flake at the center of the maze.
During guided inquiry, students learn to work with the plasmodial slime mold Physarum polycephalum and construct mazes using Lego brand blocks as a barrier.
If You Give a Slime Mold a Sedative doesn't sound like a best-selling children's book, but a recent study found that Physarum polycephalum actually prefers herbal sedatives and other dried plants to honey or oats.
a new cellular slime mold with coremiform fructification.
Among the 44 species of fungus we recorded, there were 43 basidiomycetes, 1 ascomycetes, and l slime mold.
Laws urges readers to love every discovery, even the chunky yellow fungi labeled "dog vomit slime mold.
A: What you have is a slime mold, which is similar to a fungus but is actually its own category of organism.
By using Dictyostelium, a type of slime mold widely used as a model system in the study of cell differentiation because of its similarity to human cell function at this level, Rutherford's research group discovered that a protein called Replication Protein A (RPA) acts not only in cell proliferation, but also is a regulator of cell differentiation.
Dictyostelium discoideum, aka a slime mold, is the latest member in a small club of species known to practice farming.
Slime mold may took like just a blob, but it's a smart one.
argues that what he calls the welfare state costs American taxpayers much more than politicians or the media will admit, and turns recipients into slime mold.