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Synonyms for slime



Synonyms for slime

a viscous, usually offensively dirty substance

Synonyms for slime

any thick, viscous matter

cover or stain with slime

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The ensuing increase in demand for slime has inevitably led to a boom for snail farmers.
To make slime, pour one cup of warm water into a plastic cup.
Phase variation of slime production in Staphylococcus aureus: Implications in colonization and virulence.
It's dangling from its own "rope" of slime to climb from leaf to leaf.
Several hundred thousand gallons of Slime and 10,000 whipped cream pies make memories for guests that last a lifetime.
LFTB is also commonly known as pink slime due to its color and appearance.
These were probably going through the heads of the participants of the Slime Cup Run-Nickelodeon Philippines' first running event recently held at Mall of Asia open grounds-before they entered the slime tunnel at the finish line.
This represents a slug on rough ground with no slime.
Disney's Gregg Sulkin hits the orange carpet at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, and talks about who he'd like to slime.
Washington, November 29( ANI ):In the future, people may be wearing clothes made from hagfish slime.
s (BPI) claims that its pink slime news reports were defamatory, Thomson Reuters reports.
Bieber made a splash at the Nickelodeon Kids' Awards - courtesy of a vat of green slime.
The slime mould is a resident of Castle Eden Dene National Nature Reserve at Peterlee in County Durham and the discovery is thought to be a first in the North East.
The key ingredient of the slime is a material that, like laundry detergent, helps break apart large oil globules.
Slime mold may took like just a blob, but it's a smart one.