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Synonyms for slime



Synonyms for slime

a viscous, usually offensively dirty substance

Synonyms for slime

any thick, viscous matter

cover or stain with slime

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Initially, the slime mold dispersed evenly around the oat flakes, exploring its new territory.
renowned maker of pink slime in Lubbock, Texas, suspended three of four plants on the onset of the controversy of the cons of eating pink slime.
Like the bacteria that occupy the human gut, the flora that colonizes surface slime can offer health benefits to reef builders.
He uses starfish and other marine invertebrates dredged up by fishermen, extracting the slime by squeezing them and using a suction device at his base in the DunstaffnageMarine Laboratory near Dunbeg.
was launched into a net coated with green slime, which sprayed nicely on impact.
It's understandable that people would lose confidence in food retailers because of the use of pink slime," said Fresh & Easy CEO Tim Mason.
A Your lawn problem is an algal growth also known as slime or slime flux.
Searching for a cheaper, less toxic way to whip out hydrogen gas, Melis has turned his lab into a slime station.
We have Slime, Turtles and the addition of Nickelodeon's hit game show Double Dare - it's a trifecta.
The 'pink slime activists,' protesting against the usage of 'pink slime' in ground beef, has scored their first victory as the U.
Summary: Stars of TV, music and movies were drenched with green slime at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice awards in LA on Saturday.
London, Mar 28 (ANI): A new face cream made of snail slime could nourish skin and iron out wrinkles.
The Newcastle attraction has gone all-out to mess up the school holiday activities and is hosting slime workshops which are proving a huge hit with hands-on youngsters.
Up to 50% of foxes are infected with lungworm, whose larvae can be found in the bodies and slime of slugs and snails.
You'd think Mr Slime Ball would get the message, especially when I say, "Don't look at me, it's the missus that's paying for it.