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Synonyms for slim-waisted

having a small waist

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To continue the theme, an elgin is a small, slim-waisted glass used for fortified wines and liqueurs, so we're going to have to get used to some pretty confusing rounds.
Fashion design graduate Lavinia, of Cardiff Bay, is in the process of completing a collection of altered pieces, named simply Ollie, in tribute to the smart, slim-waisted lady from Grangetown, Cardiff, who died two years before she was born.
Hair piled up, wide-shouldered, slim-waisted and barefoot, she effortlessly dominates every man in sight through her sheer infectious enjoyment.
Even so, the slim-waisted dresses, fluted sleeves and pretty necklines made the flirty 40s a style winner.
Benitez herself seems to have mellowed, employing fewer of her signature bravura zapateados and more of her expressive tilts of the head and slim-waisted torso and dramatic, sudden gestures.
University of Utah anthropologist Professor Elizabeth Cashdan says there is evidence the hormonal profile linked to a slim-waisted, non-curvy shape favours women in "resource competition, particularly under stressful and difficult circumstances".
Why do I always pick such petite, big-breasted, slim-waisted friends?