sliding scale

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a wage scale that fluctuates in response to the cost-of-living index

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This study shows how the price caps, sliding scale plans and consumer choice programs have fared in the gas market in terms of lowering utilities' residential, small commercial and industrial prices.
Cllr John Fletcher, executive member for health and social care, said: "The sliding scale will ensure services do not exclude low-income residents.
They could avoid passing on import costs tacked to the final price, make agreements to produce their products more economically with local companies or charge a sliding scale to the poorest countries.
For the accelerated payment, USBank charges carriers a fee on a sliding scale, up to two percent of the freight bill.
Deposits made in the proper manner, but late, will be subject to the sliding scale penalty of Sec.
A fiat percentage is based on the notion materiality is completely relative, while a sliding scale assumes some amounts are large enough to always be material.
The continuous or sliding scale of evidentiary standards for affirmative coverage are clearly illustrated in the statement by HCFA in its discussion and recognition (Federal Register, Jan.
Raser will receive royalty payments on a sliding scale based on sales of up to 500,000 units.
25 or above on a sliding scale with 10 at the top end.
Each recipient is required to match the state grant on a sliding scale.
The cost for all five days is pounds 55, but kids can go for any number of days, with a sliding scale of payment.
Membership by sliding scale, $5, $10, or $25 per year; new members receive treatment information pack.
The retirement fund provides dancers, the majority of whom entered the company straight out of the POB school, with a lifelong financial cushion, calculated on a sliding scale and hierarchically based on their salaries.
The mounts for her rephotographs are color-coded for gender (white for women, black for men, gray for mixed groups) and include handwritten captions rating the subjects on a sliding scale from "genius" to "pinup.