sliding board

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plaything consisting of a sloping chute down which children can slide

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I want to take my turn on the sliding board and play marbles in the dust and know what it's like to win again at Kick the Can.
The icy layer underneath the moving snow was like a sliding board.
I knocked the window-screen out with a hand-heel's thunk, and dropped the shade over the top half of the window, and shut the study door, and wadded the keyhole, hope whatever it was would fly for the light, the full, clean stream of light like the sliding board from heaven our guardian angels slid to earth on in The Little Catholic Messenger.
Early postinjury (and more than half a lifetime ago in 1974), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) physical therapists educated me about how to use a sliding board to perform different types of transfers.
I think Roger has been finding it hard lifting Paul from his wheelchair into his car using a sliding board, but the new van will allow him to get in much more easily.
In an effort to reduce risks and make boarding easier, the AisleMaster Chair's headrest lowers, the armrests flip up, and the seat acts as a sliding board.
I have used a sliding board successfully for more than 40 years without troubling skin breakdowns.