sliding board

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plaything consisting of a sloping chute down which children can slide

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Horizontal sliding board, interactive system - 3pcs;
Staff felt most unskilled with draw-sheet transfers and sliding board transfers.
VEnsternorrland County Council procures the transfer aids with any accessories and spare parts in areas below - Sliding boards, ISO 123103,- Sliding aids, ISO 123103,- Sliding sheets ISO 123103,- Pull Sheets, ISO 123103,- GENbEnlte / care belt / uppresningsbEnlte, ISO 123115,- Rope Ladder / hand ladder, ISO 123112,- Turn Plates / turntables with handle, ISO 123106,- Turn Plates / turntables only on the floor, ISO 123,106th
Approximately 80,668 from slides and sliding boards.
The big room is supplied with six sets of tables and chairs as well as a number of sliding boards and car toys that are mostly broken.