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being a smooth continuous motion

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I was not wilfully wrong except in sliding down the banisters.
Well, I'd been selling an article to take the tartar off the teeth -- and it does take it off, too, and generly the enamel along with it -- but I stayed about one night longer than I ought to, and was just in the act of sliding out when I ran across you on the trail this side of town, and you told me they were coming, and begged me to help you to get off.
Perhaps she felt it necessary to recover her position with him on the present occasion for, as she sat sliding on the heap of grain near which he was busying himself, she said, at that shrill pitch which was requisite in mill-society,--
screamed Maggie, jumping up from her sliding seat on the corn.
The animal gingerly launched himself on the treacherous footing, irregularly losing and gaining his hind feet, keeping his fore legs stiff, and steadily and calmly, without panic or nervousness, extricating the fore feet as fast as they sank too deep into the sliding earth that surged along in a wave before him.
To the credit of MLB, officials have been looking into changing sliding regulations as a result of the Coghlan-Kang play.
Note: It is important to maintain the tension in the target limb by sliding it back to the starting position in a controlled fashion.
If the internal pressure in the mixing chamber rises, the pressure is transferred to the rotating sliding ring, whereby the locking force of the sealing is increased.
More than one person sliding at a time can result in someone falling off or the slide collapsing.
There is an electronic interlock that prevents the rear glass from sliding forward when the front panel is open, or the front panel from venting or sliding open when the rear panel is forward," says De Gaillard.
To assess the risks associated with sliding, he and his colleagues collected data on slide frequency and slide-related injuries in a series of 637 collegiate baseball and softball games.