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sloping channel through which things can descend

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The model representing a cross section through a rolling slideway, with a Poisson's ratio value applicable to photoelastic materials, was loaded through a system of levers in two separate ways: a) with the weight [P.
In addition, an octagonal shape was chosen so that the slideway forms a V-shape for superior linearity.
maintaining catalog performances) is expected, hence Mandelli's investment in new slideway grinding capacity.
Keyarrow, a leading manufacturer of slideway covers, sheet-metal enclosures and stamping parts, will invest over NT$500 million to build three new plants in Jiaxing of Zhejiang province, Shanghai Municipality, and Yuxi of Yunnan province, China, in 2012.
In addition, by making the ram a perfect octagonal shape, the slideway forms a V-shape, creating superior linearity.
Four slideway structures in the Y axis increase the machine's reliability, stability, and accuracy, as well as its ability to perform heavy-duty machining.
To prevent entry of micro-fine chips to the X-axis and Z-axis slideway, an air purge and slide seal structure has been engineered to improve slideway protection and minimize stick-slip.
The slideway design provides for a 787 ipm rapid traverse and cutting feedrates.
Oil film thickness variation over the guide-way surface is 1/7 the variation of traditional hydrostatic slideway systems, improving accuracy by up to 400 percent.
The TRI-Logic range of products consists of three elements: Maximum Life cutting fluids, a machine slideway lubricant, and a tapping fluid.
Boxey structures and virtually no tool or slideway overhangs make the G series lathes exceptionally rigid.
Slideway surfaces are coated with Turcite and hand scraped to achieve high accuracy and good retention of lubricating oil.
Fluids can be contaminated by lubricants like hydraulic oils, spindle oils, slideway lubes and greases, cleaners, solvents, and other metalworking fluids.
The rest is a small slideway that can be clamped in any angular position in the horizontal plane and is mounted on the cross slide of the lathe.
This machine not only inherited the high-rigidity and the slideways from previous models of the series, but also offers improved reliability due to the sophisticated labyrinth structure and air purge as well as spindle durability.