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Synonyms for slickness

verbal misrepresentation intended to take advantage of you in some way

a kind of fluent easy superficiality

a slippery smoothness

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It might have been well scripted but urging his new club to `comeon'in their native tongue was a perfect example of the slickness with which Beckham's vast PRmachine has worked to ensure any remaining controversy surrounding his relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson and his eventual Old Trafford departure has not overshadowed the transfer itself.
Mr S stood in awe of JFK and his Ivy slickness, his heroics, his acclaim - but JFK was far more in awe of Mr S because Frank Sinatra controlled the one thing JFK wanted more than anything else.
Essany's lack of Hollywood slickness (for now, anyway) was matched by other cable networks' presentations.
While Nutty Professor 2 makes a fist at being more than just another sequel, it lacks the slickness, polish and, indeed, heart to be a real hit.
Caley backs coach Rob Moffat admitted: "They were very impressive at Myreside, particularly the back row and their slickness of handling.
It's this halreed stitching of grossed rock and rap slickness that makes the Criminals so arresting.
Slide It In" featured the rockin' blues of "Slow An' Easy" and modern slickness of "Love Ain't No Stranger," both Album Rock Top 40s.
Cuban heels were an added option to the Chelsea Boot, adding slickness and lets face it a bit of height to the petite rockers of the era.
Horizon resisted the temptation to trivialise or poke fun at Graham's efforts, interviewing donors, inseminated parents, children and journalists with slickness and without bias.
But I suppose there's even more technological slickness in art now.
They said a combination of rain and the slickness of the paint could be a serious hazard for drivers travelling at speeds of up to 220mph.
Shared Experience, one the UK's most vibrant theatre companies, bring Angela Carter's work alive with their usual flair for originality and slickness.
It was the ease, the slickness, the completeness of the Dutch victory and, in contrast, the weakness of England's performance.
Refreshingly, the tracks have not been digitally remastered to create a uniform slickness.
Arsenal were an essay in slickness on the field but the ESPN team ran them close.