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Synonyms for slicing

a golf shot that curves to the right for a right-handed golfer

the act of cutting into slices

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But she only saw an old woman slicing a man's head off with a knife.
He swerved aside to avoid the horse, at the same time swinging his cane-knife in a slicing blow that would have cut her in twain.
Only was there a thumb; and, for that matter, most of the hand was missing as well, as if it had been cut off by the same slicing edge that had cleaved him from temple to jaw and heaven alone knew how far down that skin-draped neck.
and cut a way clean through the ranks of the enemy; it was like slicing an apple in two with a knife.
I don't know on what pretext Osborne left the room, or why, presently, Amelia went away, perhaps to superintend the slicing of the pine-apple; but Jos was left alone with Rebecca, who had resumed her work, and the green silk and the shining needles were quivering rapidly under her white slender fingers.
said Miss Brass, slicing off about two square inches of cold mutton, after all this preparation, and holding it out on the point of the fork.
Whereupon, this accomplished swordsman, warning all hands to stand off, once more makes a scientific dash at the mass, and with a few sidelong, desperate, lunging slicings, severs it completely in twain; so that while the short lower part is still fast, the long upper strip, called a blanket-piece, swings clear, and is all ready for lowering.