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a golfer whose shots typically curve right (for right-handed golfers)

a machine for cutting

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knife especially designed for slicing particular foods, as cheese

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The patent for the automated slicer explained how it worked, according to the Smithsonian: "The machine moved the bread into the slicer and then a series of 'endless cutting bands' sliced the loaf before moving it along to where it could easily be packaged by a specially designed bread wrapping machine - another patent of Rohwedder's.
In the remaining delis, at least one slicer was fully cleaned less frequently.
Johnson contracted Miami, Florida-based product management services leader Innovation Direct[TM] to represent the Cake Slicer to potential licensees for a 2 year period.
Weber Power Control will initially be adopted on the Weber 906 slicers due for delivery early in 2014.
What makes KMOS unique is its ability to image many galaxies simultaneously, but via the use of image slicers still see the individual properties of each single galaxy.
Slicers wen-introduced as a way to make it easier to filter pivot table reports.
While there are far more than three benefits associated with food slicer ownership, it is helpful to top-line these attention-grabbing attributes to busy shoppers on the move.
Removable slicer heads can be sanitized by completely immersing the pre-cleaned head in hot water.
For the upmarket bacon and egg sandwich, take a look at the Form egg slicer designed by Charles Job for Normann Copenhagen - the design was inspired by an old black-and-white picture of an egg.
The Echols Slaw Shredder and Food Slicer is built to last, with heavy duty cast aluminum construction, stainless steel blades and a rugged one half hp, 1725 rpm motor.
But Mr Hoggarth added: "This machine was not a slicer.
The product tray can be tilted away from the center of the slicer for cleaning, and can even be removed for more thorough sanitization.
75-inch peeler, a 10-inch hollow-edge slicer, 10-inch chefs knife, 10-inch carver, 12-inch salmon slicer and a meat cleaver.
Having wise-cracked his way through the World Cup on the comfy BBC settee, McCarthy is once more prepared to put his backside in the bacon slicer, as he once described sitting in the dug-out.
The "simple yet modern" sentiment that Louis Merritt championed all those years ago can be seen today in the engineering of the company's latest machine--a vertical veneer slicer.