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prepared by cutting

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used of meat

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At 4mm, slices of Cathedral City Mature; Thick Sliced are twice as thick as standard Cathedral City slices.
Very thinly sliced rings of red or sweet white onion may be scattered on top of cheese and tomatoes.
In the slicing algorithm, each method is sliced independently.
Scalloped potatoes are sliced and covered with a white sauce, which you can create with lowfat soy or rice milk, along with flour and vegan margarine as thickeners.
Particular care was taken to orient the slices with the sliced plane parallel to the sectioning plane.
Seedless (triploid) watermelon seeds were sliced via two separate methods.
Everyone has used the expression "the best thing since sliced bread", but what was best before it was S For a start, it has to be something prior to 1924, when sliced bread was first sold in America.
Top strawberries with second layer of cake, then more whipped cream and sliced strawberries.
1 pound assorted wild mushrooms, sliced and sauteed
Chili-size: To prepare, you'll need a veggie burger, one-half bun or a slice of bread of your choice, sliced tomatoes (or canned, drained chopped tomatoes), prepared vegan chili, chopped onions, and optional shredded vegan cheese.
Only one-Russer Light Cooked Ham-wasn't a sliced turkey or chicken breast.
Put peanut butter and sliced bananas together on bread for a different kind of sandwich.
For fun, also offer condiments like sliced olives, sliced green onions, sour cream and chopped cilantro leaves to accompany the eggs.
1 cup Wheat Chex cereal with 1 medium peach, sliced, and 1 cup Soy Dream Enriched soymilk 1 slice whole wheat toast (Men eat 2 slices.