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make slender or appear to be slender


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3) But in two other studies, on a total of 90 people in India, those who got 11 times the Garcinia in Slenderize lost no more weight than those who got a placebo.
In addition to the beatings, says Majors, her ex-husband terrorized her psychologically by threatening to blow up her parents' house, abusing her cat so badly she had to have him put to sleep and forcing her to sign "weight contracts" promising to shed pounds to slenderize her figure.
Yes, they made money on workout tapes, low-calorie foods, health spas, running shoes, exercise equipment, and other products and services to slenderize, tone, and generally improve our chances for a longer, healthier life.
Business Professional: "Perfect sleeve length showing just a hint of shirt cuff, side-vented suit jackets that slenderize a well-formed physique, nice break on the flat front slacks.
The cut of the blazer is good, but the thick texture and vest do nothing to slenderize.
Now Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, and other chains are trying to slenderize their menus.
Consumers are leaning towards soft drinks that can contribute towards a healthier diet," confirms Jacob Bruun-Jensen, MD of Infuzions, which supplies Zipp Vitalize and Slenderize functional water and juice blends.
In September researchers at Johns Hopkins University published a study in the American Journal of Epidemiology that found that the Cuban economic collapse occasioned by the withdrawal of massive Soviet subsidies between 1989 and 2000 helped the Cuban people slenderize.
The acquisition, which is subject to regulatory clearance and certain other terms and conditions, includes all Fuze brands, including the Vitalize, Refresh, Tea, and Slenderize lines under the Fuze trademark, WaterPlus enhanced water products, and license rights to the NOS Energy Drink brands.
Packaged in appealing 18-ounce bottles, Fuze sells five distinct lines: Teas (green and white), and drinks named Essentials, Refresh, Slenderize and Energize, each describing its purpose.
Aside from the new Lite Bites, customers watching calories can enjoy a growing selection of product offerings including vitamin-infused Fuze Slenderize beverages, nutrient-enhanced Vitaminwater zero, Tazo[R] fresh brewed teas and Starbucks[R] coffee.