slender wheatgrass

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North American grass cultivated in western United States as excellent forage crop

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Key words: biomass energy, harvest timing, nitrogen application rate, smooth bromegrass, tufted hairgrass, slender wheatgrass
Slender wheatgrass DM yields at Fairbanks ranged from 1.
We found that the N rate did not significantly affect the tissue water content for fall-harvested slender wheatgrass at either location, whereas increasing the N rate from 10 kg [ha.
AC Pintail awned slender wheatgrass generation-0 (G0) seed was formed by compositing 50 g of seed from each of 200 collected plants from the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta in Canada.
These results clearly demonstrated the AFLP technique was effective in detection of molecular variation in awned slender wheatgrass.
Thus, such awned slender wheatgrass composite populations should still maintain substantial genetic diversity for revegetation and land reclamation purposes.
The AFLP analysis presented here shows that a multisite composite of the awned slender wheatgrass, AC Pintail, harbors more genetic variation than the released cultivar AEC Hillcrest and that genetic shift has occurred in the seed increases of the composite population.