slender salamander

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any of several small slim salamanders of the Pacific coast of the United States

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New species of slender salamanders, Batrachoseps (Amphibia: Plethodontidae), from the Sierra Nevada of California.
In 1954 a thorough doctoral dissertation at Berkeley concluded that there was one species of Slender Salamander, genus Bat rachoseps, in the state," says Wake.
The Pacific slender salamander, western toad and Pacific treefrog are natives living in the river's margins.
Ten amphibians, including the desert slender salamander and the Houston toad, already have a spot on the Endangered Species List, and Bury says many other amphibian species are "in really bad shape" and worthy of federal listing or some other protective measures.
The agreement protects and expands foraging habitat for the California condor, safeguards other threatened or endangered species such as the San Joaquin kit fox, the blunt-nosed leopard lizard and the Tehachapi slender salamander.