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Synonyms for sleight

skillfulness in the use of the hands or body

Synonyms for sleight

adroitness in using the hands

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This understanding of the structure of the compound provides a good qualitative picture, says Sleight, but it doesn't allow researchers to predict how much zirconium tungstate will shrink.
Sleight reports finding a new attributeassociated with oxide superconductors.
Sleight and Porto bring the know-how, relationships and product experience to help ensure that this growth occurs.
Sleight said his company has tested more than 15 million lines of code on the CDS 2000 platform, including production runs of code sizes that were previously run exclusively on much larger computing systems.
Pacific Bell can accomplish this musical sleight of microphone through a new economical digital audio application for the recording and motion picture industry.
Master of Magic Ali Cook is a daring escapologist, sleight of hand expert, stage illusionist, and performer of thought control.
Nathan's show, Sleight Of Hands, mixes illusion, film and magic with contemporary dance and a gripping plot.
Martin Sleight, prosecuting, said Mr Fletcher and Aslam clashed over the fare.
KIRSTEN KASCHOCK is the author of Sleight, Unfathoms and A
Graham Sleight, The Doctor's Monsters: Meanings of the Monstrous in Doctor Who.
Next Wednesday's breakfast, entitled Sleight Hustle, will see Alexis draw on his personal experience and expertise in magic and outline how you can communicate and inspire confidence within your team.
Motorsport engineering students Ryan Colvey, 24, Paul Sleight, 23, and Andrew Cook, 21, finished third in the ev-Grand Prix in Indianapolis, a race for electric karts.
of Memphis) applies Deleuze's philosophy of the conceptual ruse or sleight to examine the self-referential sleights associated with sex: the concepts of norm, bisexuality, and development.
It's a sleight of hand to say the least because the money isn't there to be saved yet.
It's a sleight of hand, to say the least, because the money isn't there to be saved yet.