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Synonyms for sleigh

a vehicle mounted on runners and pulled by horses or dogs

ride (on) a sled

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Sleigher acclimated to the identical Beretta M9 in 9mm in the Marine Corps, and he likes the way the department gun fits in his hand, especially with his Hogue grips.
The call is elevated to "violent domestic" and relayed to Sleigher, who presses his accelerator harder.
When he pulls up, the daughter is outside, waving desperately at Sleigher.
Sleigher drops to kneeling and peers around the corner of the kitchen divider with his pistol in a tight, compressed Weaver.
Sleigher doesn't have much cover, but figures he has all he's going to get.
CONTACT: Kathy Sleigher, Director of Franchise Development; Charles Randall, President
Kathy Sleigher is director of franchise development for NetBank Business Finance.