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consisting of or of the nature of frozen or partially frozen rain

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So that perhaps explains why you might experience good fishing on your local river during an early spring warm spell, but then have poor fishing the following week after a cold, sleety weather front moves through.
This is a switch that allows you to choose the drivability of the car, so you can have it in normal for motorway driving, all-weather for the sleety snowy weather that we often get here in Scotland or, if you want to have some fun, put it in "D" for dynamic and the MiTo becomes a different car.
I've been following its fortunes for a few years now, and once even braved a sleety day in late October to help pick the grapes, but I too am amazed just how well the whole operation has developed since the first vines were planted in 2006.
Last Saturday's cold, sleety showers were caused by an area of high pressure to the West drawing in cold air, and this is likely to continue causing chilly temperatures on Saturday and Sunday.
Those showers are dying away now and there's only a little bit of cloud and sleety snow over the Brecon Beacons way.
THE sleety rain and biting wind that whipped around the giant Port Talbot steel plant just before light seemed appropriate for what was about to come.
At low levels it will be more of a sleety, snowy mixture.
He is sitting in a room that reminds him of Lenore on a dreary midnight, in bleak December with a sleety storm and gusty winds.
We didn't have snow but the east wind and sleety rain was very harsh on the young lambs.
If it is rainy, sleety, snowy, foggy, or a similar poor condition, then the variable has the value of 0.
To get there I flew from sleety Paris over the Sahara to the Sahel.
We're due a frost tonight and possibly some sleety snow flurries.
When I drove to the clinic on March 11 - a cold, miserable and sleety day - to make a small donation of pet supplies, I was greeted by an overflow of people sitting outside under an overhang with their leashed dogs and cats in carriers.
And once again it was Baltic with a biting, swirling wind and flurries of sleety rain.
A major storm blew through this week, with sleety rain starting Monday and heavy snow starting Tuesday night.