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Two hours later, Jamal's body was found hanging by the elastic band in his underwear from the window in his sleeping room.
A sleeping room and buffet for two adults is $85 plus tax and $100 plus tax for two adults and two children.
Venues are encouraged to use sleeping room and catering guarantees as a condition to decrease the cost of the meeting space.
Eaton is committed to providing our customers with cutting-edge and efficient solutions, allowing organizations to now meet both sleeping room codes NFPA 72 and NFPA 720 with one device, which features two different sound patterns, T3 for fire detection and T4 for carbon monoxide, said Huyenchau Villas, product manager, Eaton s Cooper Notification business.
sleeping room blocks are detailed on the Form for Submission of the Technical
Accommodations include rooms with a choice of one or two beds, "Kid Suites" that sleep up to six persons and include a separate sleeping room for the kids, and a unique "L-shaped" family suite with three beds, two televisions, and one bath.
Gulf Air, the national carrier of Bahrain, has inaugurated its Falcon Gold Lounge at Bahrain International Airport featuring state-of-art facilities including luxury sleeping rooms and cigar lounge.
It consists of 2 Buildings-1 Open Air Kennel and Indoor AC Kennel and 2 Sleeping Rooms.
The more sleeping rooms we book, the less we pay for meeting space and that helps us keep the registration costs from going up significantly from year to year.
The elaborate structure - complete with sleeping rooms, a makeshift kitchen and religious altars - suffered a series of partial cave-ins earlier this year caused by melting snows.
In the future, Honig expects the hotel to take over more and more of the sleeping rooms and perhaps the meeting rooms as well.
Teton/Porta-Kamp will supply remote workforce temporary and permanent living quarters including sleeping rooms, kitchen facilities, dining halls, recreation facilities, offices, and medical facilities, as well as, sewage and water treatment plants.
Venue to be accessible to persons with disability (the entrances to the conference rooms, canteens, sleeping rooms, bathrooms should have access for wheelchair users- no steps or an elevator/ accessible ramp to be provided).
The following conventions and/or special events represent 1,920 total sleeping rooms with an estimated spending power of $440,730, the agency said:
The new Sleep HealthCenter in Worcester has four sleeping rooms where sleep studies are conducted in a noise-free environment.