sleeping draught

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a soporific drug in the form of a pill (or tablet or capsule)

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In point of fact, poor Quinton doesn't have his sleeping draught for nearly half an hour.
I am just going to give your husband his sleeping draught.
Taking the opportunity to stuff it in my pocket I went back to Quinton's study, locked the door, and gave him his sleeping draught.
Who duly sentences the pair to death by drinking poison, for which someone kindly substitutes a sleeping draught.
Knowing of a renewed but secret affair between Enzo and his former lover, Laura, Barnaba hatches a plan to have Laura accused of infidelity and she is forced to take a powerful sleeping draught.
Warchild, the charity this single benefits, is well worth supporting, but the song is a sleeping draught in digital form.
In ITV's new Sunday night sleeping draught Kingdom frightfully clever Fry plays a man who is so nice it makes you want to puke.
In a scene lifted out of the history books, she doses her children with a sleeping draught, then, when they are unconscious, she crushes cyanide pills between their teeth.