sleeping bag

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large padded bag designed to be slept in outdoors

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45am and saw two gentlemen lying on the pavement on a mattress in sleeping bags.
Wanting to do something to show his gratitude, Ross reached out to friends and family online, asking them to help collect blankets and sleeping bags to give to shelters, to help people like his good Samaritan on cold nights.
let a firework off towards the ground where a homeless person lay in a sleeping bag.
SLUMBERSAC SLEEPING BAG WITH FEET A jersey cotton sleeping bag with openings for feet so children can walk around while staying cosy in their bag.
A UK-made mummy-style A UK-made mummy-style sleeping bag that offers a sleeping bag that offers a comfort rating to -10C.
the regular-sized patrol sleeping bag, intermediate cold weather sleeping bag and bivy cover
The Sleeping bag and shorts have a technology that charges your mobile devices while walking, sleeping or even dancing.
The Babasac is a brand new two-in-one multi-tog baby sleeping bag, with inner layers that easily zip out.
The sleeping bag manufacturing industry in Bangladesh is still new.
One cold night I filled my canteen with boiling water for a sleeping bag companion.
The students, who managed to raise Dh13, 000, have learnt that living in a cushiony sleeping bag, with a pillow and a blanket within the secure premises of your own campus is a difficult experience.
Whether you need a sleeping bag with a little more room, an air pad with some extra thickness, a chair or cot that is stronger and more comfortable, or a tent that keeps out the elements, we're sure you'll find something in the Browning Camping line that will make your outdoor experience more fun and enjoyable," said Dennis Brune, president of ALPS.
Avid backpacker Aaron Martray wanted a lighter, better sleeping-bag setup for his trips, so he made himself a quilt-style sleeping bag a few years back.
Even then, though, I always had some semblance of a sleeping bag.
It looks sort of like a sleeping bag, but it has straps inside and is made to quietly slide off your shoulders when it's time to draw your bow and take a shot.