sleeping around

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Synonyms for sleeping around

indulging in promiscuous (casual and indiscriminate) sexual relations

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Also, have some thought for the man you married and stop sleeping around.
Sleeping around to get to the top often borders on sexual harassment -- something that many organisations aren't equipped to deal with.
Now, Rebecca Loos, famous only for sleeping around with someone else's husband, is flavour of the month.
There is no restraint or good example set by the people in government in trying to stop children from sleeping around.
He admitted it made him ``angry'' and said, ``He was sleeping around and people were coming back and telling me.
Kazuo Kikuchi was charged with strangling his wife Tsuruko, 87, while she was sleeping around 7 a.
He accused her of sleeping around and stealing his cigarettes, then punched and kicked her and waved the poker in her face, the letter said.
Someone joked she must have been sleeping around because there are three blacks, one brindle, two fawns, two white and blacks and one white and brindle.
Thirty minutes of references to hookers, sex talk, baby oil, flavoured condoms, and sleeping around might be fun for grown-ups at 10.
Women, who still face a double standard when it comes to sleeping around, can blame one-night stands on alcohol.
According to the Daily Star, Matty Pearce from Bristol has been a guest on the ITV talk show multiple times to discuss sleeping around, being a love-struck romantic, a drug user and the victim of a scheming ex-girlfriend.
Michelle Braun said that if he had been hiring call girls and sleeping around in America, she would have certainly heard about it.
SLEEPING around is one way to blot out the pain of a failed marriage.
He goes off to fight in the Middle East and becomes horrible, and she goes off the rails, sleeping around and ending up in a mental hospital.