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Despite that, when further inspections were carried out in July and November that year there safety ocers found that, despite there being no electricity on the second 'oor, rooms were still being used for sleeping accommodation.
The base camp had to house the main body of the crew providing sleeping accommodation, showers and ablution facilities and an eatery offering delicious meals almost like a 5-star hotel.
The second floor houses the sleeping accommodation which adds another four bedrooms to the house's total.
When fire safety officers made an evening visit in December 2011 they found a number of potential fire safety breaches in the restaurant and in sleeping accommodation provided above.
While the former attracts travellers for its intimate venues and sleeping accommodation the latter boasts itself for a location which is nestled in middle of the lake Jarun in Zangreb.
The boat is believed to be a Bayliner, a luxury design with a diesel engine, with sleeping accommodation.
However, none of this excuses the government''s money-grubbing bedroom tax, which cuts rental backing for low income families in houses with 'spare'' sleeping accommodation.
It would be a decent gesture by the club to bung a few free coaches on, ones with sleeping accommodation preferably.
The difficulty in extending a property to a five bed from a four is the actual living space such as reception rooms doesn't generally change and as a result it might not always appeal to buyers of five-bedroom homes, who are often require more living space as well as sleeping accommodation," he explains.
Below deck she has sleeping accommodation for four and in the main saloon she has seating and mess facilities for 12 passengers together with galley, WC, shower and wet areas.
A full eight-seater, there's the ability with an awning to provide sleeping accommodation for up to six.
The sleeping accommodation comprises a master suite with en suite bathroom, two further bedrooms (one of which could be a study/snug) and a family bathroom.
He said: "After receiving information that the upper storeys were being used to accommodate guests, a further inspection of the premises on Wednesday, October 13, 2010, revealed that the third-floor bedrooms were indeed in use as guest sleeping accommodation without remedial action having been instigated.
Mike Plant, North Wales Fire and Rescue Service senior fire safety compliance officer, said: "We have identified a worrying trend of fire incidents in sleeping accommodation above fast food outlets, takeaways, cafs and restaurants.
It comes in three size s, and is thus suitable for numerous applications, such as a first-aid post, canteen, sleeping accommodation or maintenance workshop.