sleep talking

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uttering speech while asleep

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The new sleep talking state provides much of the energy savings of sleep mode and some of the network-and-Internet-connected convenience of awake mode.
The results showed that snoring, taking the duvet, rolling over to a partner's side and sleep talking and walking have all made for rocky relationships and a new trend for his and hers bedrooms.
The survey also revealed the high occurrence of sleep talking and snoring among Americans at night.
Dive Into The Sun and Sleep Talking are solid white funk work-outs.
Parasomnias, like sleep talking, night terrors and nightmares are usually transient and resolve without further specific treatment (see e.
During one of his regular sleep talking sessions,he breezily announced he was ``squattingover a mirror,checking out my b**hole''.
Sleepwalking, Sleep Talking, Nightmares, and Night Terrors
Lycopodium - If your mind tends to go over the events of the day, you're dreaming and sleep talking a lot.
Can include sleepwalking, sleep talking, sleep eating, nightmares and night terrors.
bedwetting 75% snoring 73% sleep talking 50% sleep walking 40% nightmares 40% insomnia 30%
They also suffer from bedwetting, sleepwalking, sleep talking and night terrors, the author explains.
During the study, the research team looked at specific sleep problems: nightmares, sleep talking, sleepwalking, bedwetting, sleeping less or more than most children during the day or night, trouble sleeping and being overtired.