sleep deprivation

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a form of psychological torture inflicted by depriving the victim of sleep

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Partial sleep deprivation (sleep for three to four hours followed by forced wakefulness for 20-21 hours) was equally as effective as total sleep deprivation (being deprived of sleep for 36 hours), and medication did not appear to significantly influence these results.
Partial sleep deprivation and total sleep deprivation were found to be equally effective in the study.
20 ( ANI ): According to a recent research, sleep deprivation - typically administered in controlled, inpatient settings - rapidly reduces symptoms of depression in roughly half of depression patients.
Furthermore, eating behaviors are usually altered after sleep deprivation.
Sleep deprivation can be caused by artificial light, shift work, sleep disturbances, and social life.
Group B was subjected to sleep deprivation of 16 hours followed by a sleep window of 8 hrs daily for 2 months and group C was administrated with omg 3 fatty acids (FAs) and was sleep deprived as group B for 2 months.
Of note is that numerous awakenings per night may constitute a sleep deficit significant enough to compare to quantitative sleep deprivation.
In this article, we describe the pathophysiological links between the sleep deprivation and diabetes along with lifestyle recommendations to improve the sleep hygiene.
A significant one is sleep deprivation, whose importance is being overlooked by most researchers (National Sleep Foundation, 2007).
4] Sleep deprivation can be attributed to various reasons like early school start timings, development related changes in circadian rhythm, late night studies, lifestyle and habits.
Different forms of sleep deprivation may lead to a decline of cognitive functions in individuals.
A total of 88 healthy women and men (ages 22-40) participated in one of five laboratory total sleep deprivation experiments.
It isn't the fun, excitement, or novelty of a vacation that triggers the episode, but sleep deprivation, which is part and parcel of such events, particularly when they involve a holiday in a substantially different time zone.
The study found that sleep deprivation over time increases the risk of atherosclerosis, a condition where arteries become clogged up with fatty substances, causing blood vessels to harden and narrow.
Sleep deprivation term is used to describe a state caused by inadequate quantity or quality of sleep, Most of the medical students' sleep--wake cycle is characterized by insufficient sleep duration, delayed sleep onset, and occurrence of napping episodes during the day.