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morally dishonorable

a lack of elegance as a consequence of wearing threadbare or dirty clothing

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How should we measure, say, the withdrawal of the state from the regulation of homosexuality, or the acceptance and promotion of birth control, or the outlawing of rape in marriage, or the recognition of widespread abuse of children, or indeed the growing acceptance of same sex civil partnerships or marriage (all of which has happened within most Western countries at least in very recent memory), against the commercial exploitation of children and women's bodies, the murder of homosexuals, the sleaziness of many parts of great metropolitan cities across the globe, the torrents of pornography on the internet, and what Bauman (2003) sees as the commodification of the erotic and the increasing fragility of human bonds?
Disillusioned by lies about progress in Vietnam and by the sleaziness of the Nixon administration, the American people sought change and they turned to Jimmy Carter.
Guerrero's eyeball test came back negative for sleaziness.
1966), manages to deliver a sleazy boss without the clichE[umlaut]d sleaziness that accompanies such roles, which is never easy because sleaze is sleaze.
The corruption and sleaziness of this process is difficult to exaggerate.
Did the aesthetically sensitive emperor manage to siphon off the sleaziness of his enormities by transforming them into works of art?
Still, if it lacks "Hostel's" distinctive sleaziness, "Turistas" does have one idea as offensive as anything in that gagfest: Zamora explains he yanks organs from (still-conscious) "gringo American tourists" and donates them to a Rio People's Hospital in order to "even the scales" against First World imperialism.
Instead, entrenched by gerrymandered redistricting into what they envisioned would be a permanent majority, Republicans slid toward lax oversight, unbridled partisanship and rampant sleaziness, if not outright corruption.
Much of the media attention Canseco's book has received so far has focused on the questionable veracity of his locker-room revelations or the sheer sleaziness of his literary project.
s James Jesus Angleton than the awesomely vapid amateurism prevalent in Whitehall, let alone the sleaziness of actual British fellow-travellers.
But in their very sleaziness, in their decidedly uneuphoric insistence on the visibility of class, its injuries, and its violence, they give the lie to the fashionable fictions that MOMA and other art institutions are now so eager to promote.
The second--American honky-tonk piano-style--suggests the sleaziness of the tourist-trader, making another link between Australian and American popular culture.
This hard-hearted thriller is from a story by Jim Thompson, fuelled by an authentic air of desperation and sleaziness - and a superb Elmer Bernstein score.
There was a certain sleaziness associated with it that I somehow could never accept.