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Synonyms for slaver



Synonyms for slaver

to let saliva run from the mouth

to support slavishly every opinion or suggestion of a superior

to compliment excessively and ingratiatingly

saliva running from the mouth

excessive, ingratiating praise

Synonyms for slaver

a person engaged in slave trade

someone who holds slaves

Related Words

let saliva drivel from the mouth

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In 1562 he made the first of three voyages as a slaver, sailing from England to West Africa to load up 3,000 slaves and took them to the Caribbean to be sold on the island of Hispaniola.
In an afterword, Lawrence relates the history of real-life British slavers, but while this tale is fine historical fiction, it's also a rousing, old-fashioned adventure tale with lots of action.
The photographs, on display at the Royal Naval Museum, Portsmouth, show a sailor removing the manacle from a newly-freed slave as well as the ship's marines escorting captured slavers.
Overall, Liverpool ships transported half of the 3m Africans carried across the Atlantic by British slavers.
As an instance, the first white slavers viewed their newly purchased chattel as potential cannibals; at the same time Africans feared that their white captors wanted to eat them.
Laura is believed to have been kidnapped by sex slavers who specialize in white blondes.
The voices of the slaves themselves disappointingly are muted relative to those of their oppressors, despite the author's many efforts to tease them out of documentation that is heavily biased in favour of the slavers.
It is rooted in the experience of our Hebrew ancestors: in the God who defied the slavers of Egypt to liberate the Hebrew people; in the stern proclamation of the Hebrew prophets whose witness to God's justice remains fresh and topical in the maelstrom of terror and counter-terror that seems to define our world; in the tragic encounter of Jesus with those in authority, an encounter that led to his death by torture.
That's the conclusion of the first laboratory analyses of how slavers and their slaves might be driving each other's evolution, explains Susanne Foitzik of the University of Regensburg in Germany.
Little is left of all this -- luckily perhaps -- and what became of the slavers, the chiefs and the explorers is known.
The vast majority of defendants in statutory rape cases were not white slavers, but peers of the complainants.
The Amistad is a 129-foot recreation of the original Amistad schooner, the scene of an 1839 insurrection by Africans kidnapped by slavers in Sierra Leone, West Africa, and shipped to Havana, Cuba.
Max Hasler, of Dreweatts and Bloomsbury auction-eers in London, said: "This is a highly important ship's log concerning the capture of slavers after the abolition of the slave trade.
Refusing to give up hope, Constin soon discovers that Olesa has been taken by slavers.
The four escaped after a period of enslavement by indigenous peoples in Texas, traveling farther into America than any outsider ever had before and eventually crafting themselves as medicine men and defending American Natives against a group of Spanish slavers.