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suitable for a slave or servant

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Then there are von Trier's more incendiary ideas, such as the endurance of a slavelike mind set among the technically free, that call our most cherished beliefs into question.
Several media sources, UNICEF and the International Organization for Migration, among others, depict opportunistic child traffickers taking advantage of the chaos by abducting tsunami orphaned children into slavelike labor, illicit adoption and the "commercial sex industry" (more accurately thought of as rape).
Many of them seem to live in virtual slavelike conditions.
Prosecutor Mark Evans QC said Haq and his girlfriend Sharon Skitt, 30, kept two women in slavelike conditions.
Throughout, both defenders and detractors of our alliance with "moderate" Saudi Arabia have ignored Saudi women's slavelike situation, regarding it as "their culture" and none of our business, except when it raises questions about how Americans stationed in the Gulf are expected to behave.
Such beliefs relegated blacks to performing slavelike tasks such as cleaning and repetitive manual labor.
Sarah Ignatius, an immigration attorney at the PAIR (Political Asylum Immigrant Refugee) Project in Boston, remarks that she has "worked with people who have found themselves in slavelike conditions here-- situations they have landed in because they were trying to escape another different and unfortunate situation back home.
First, he argues (as does Nathanson 1998, 78-79) that Nozick himself, being a minimal-state libertarian rather than a libertarian anarchist, allows taxation for the purpose of funding police, courts, and the like, and that the condition of the taxpayer in this case is as slavelike as it is in the case of taxation for the purpose of helping the needy.
Rhys thus provides a strong sense of formal closure for the novel while making a powerful statement about the slavelike status of women within nineteenth-century British patriarchal structures.
What is your first priority: market expansion and rising quarterly profits or the eradication of slavelike conditions in sweatshops?
Just last year Peruvian authorities discovered 6,000 children working under slavelike conditions in a jungle gold mine.
WOODLAND HILLS - A federal appeals panel in Los Angeles has upheld the conviction and sentence of a Woodland Hills woman imprisoned for illegally bringing Thai women into the country and forcing them to work in slavelike conditions.
In a passing moment, Yasuo's keen eyes detect a slavelike demeanor in the Arab (230), inscribed on his body by decades of colonial servitude his country has had to endure.
The particular cause of conflict is the display the Gammas are making of breaking in eight baldheaded, sycophantic, slavelike pledgees, who are being led along, chain-gang style, on lashes.
The companion of a Thai diplomat is set to be sentenced in federal court Monday for using her diplomatic ties to bring three women to Los Angeles to work under slavelike conditions.