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Synonyms for slaveholding

the practice of owning slaves


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allowing slavery

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New Orleans was a slaveholding city, but one with a significant free Black and mulatto population.
2) "prohibiting the practice of slaveholding in all places of exclusive national jurisdiction, in the District of Columbia, in American vessels upon the seas, in forts, arsenals, navy yards;"
Throughout the slaveholding region, planters might name their slaves Pompey or Hannibal, their dogs Scipio, their horses Bucephalus.
Born in February 1818 in Tuckahoe, Maryland, to a slave mother and a white, likely slaveholding father, Frederick Douglass escaped from bondage at the age of 20, making his way first to New York City, where he got married, and then to the whaling port of New Bedford, Massachusetts, where he changed his last name (he had been known as Frederick Bailey until then) and found a job loading ships.
The president said: "The land of Africa is a place where all the hardship and evil doings of colonialism, slaveholding and the capitalist system have been observed.
With the onset of the American Revolution, they located republican egalitarianism within a sacred framework and underscored the contradiction inherent in a slaveholding polity allegedly predicated on Protestant Christianity.
Then there was the matter of where best to geographically situate the seat of the new US government: that Washington and two of the first four presidents were large slaveholders gives credence to the suggestion that the District of Columbia was chosen because it was in the slaveholding states.
Alas, Witherspoon was also guilty, like his contemporaries, of the founding hypocrisy of slaveholding, which Segrest shows to be in contradiction to the principles of his thought.
The Trust are seeking to purchase Johnson 60% slaveholding.
the visible success of slaveholding Virginians" (p.
For instance, she argues that the flight of women and children from plantation and slaveholding households helped in accelerating slavery's downfall.
The narrative follows a family from its beginnings in the West Indies, "moves to the slaveholding South, resumes in abolitionist New England, and finally concludes with two black migrations to New Orleans and London, respectively" (192).
Absent from this discourse was any mention of the economic embargo that the slaveholding United States imposed on the black republic shortly following Haitian independence in 1804.
In Austin, on the second floor of the old Texas statehouse just south of the current Capitol building (near the present-day Alamo and Texas Rangers monuments), cheering delegates to the special convention approved a short document declaring that the federal government was becoming "a weapon with which to strike down the interests and prosperity of the people of Texas and her Sister slaveholding States.
Southern states, particularly the slaveholding states, didn't want to see a president who was opposed to slavery," Fox News quoted Moran, as saying.