slave trade

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traffic in slaves

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IN what one can only presume is a bid to make him look less like a southern American slave-trader, Colonel Sanders has been given a makeover.
Let us celebrate Britain's role in the abolition of the evil traffic - and you might recall the next time you sing or hear Amazing Grace that its words were written by John Newton, a former slave-trader who repented.
THE downfall of slave-trader Luan Plakici was a long time coming.
What: Stylish telefilm incorporating Cirque du Soleil performers into a story about a clown who falls in love with a circus performer and helps stop a child slave-trader.
LIKE a slave-trader extolling the benefits of slavery, Graham Robb promotes northern devolution, free enterprise and 'freeports' in his latest column.
SNATCHED BY SLAVE-TRADERS Bakhita was born in the Darfur region of Jabel Marra in about 1869 and was snatched by slave-traders when she was young.