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an ant that attacks colonies of other ant species and carries off the young to be reared as slave ants

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Our goal is simply to propose that certain traits and habitats should correlate with given life histories, while others (such as a tropical slave-maker with an obligately-sterile worker caste) should be highly unlikely.
In the Hymenoptera there are three types of social parasites in which the brood are raised by host workers: temporary social parasites, slave-makers (dulotics), and inquilines or permanent social parasites.
Allozyme studies of temporary social parasites and facultative slave-makers in the genus Formica indicate multiple-mating by queens, but mating frequency ranges from close to 1.
In species where social parasitism is temporary or in species that are facultative slave-makers (the workers can and do take care of brood if slaves are not available), nonconspecific brood care may be present for only one or a few cohorts of larvae and perhaps only during a season where queens would have a low survival rate (Fig.
The bodies of slave-makers are not described, but masters, with utter predictability, are of a "light or red color, with a bright gloss" while the slave ants are "dark or black.
Soldiers are obligatory slave-makers of various ant species in the genus Formica, which assume all worker activities after they are captured as pupae in slaving raids.
If the colony relocates, they carry the slave-makers one by one to the new site.
When the slave-makers reach the target nest, they spray it with a chemical that forces the Formica adults to flee, leaving behind most of the young.