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Synonyms for slat

a thin strip (wood or metal)

equip or bar with slats

close the slats of (windows)

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The beauty of the SLAT is in its lifetime access provisions, which allow for discretionary (and sometimes mandatory) distributions of income and principal to a spousal beneficiary during the spouse's lifetime.
To quote Slat sharing his novel idea in another talk he had done last year in New York City at age 19, "Why move through the oceans if the oceans can move through you?
Cut the eight 101/2-by-1-by-1/2-inch narrow slats to size.
There are ten moveable slat assemblies per aircraft.
Don't store cases of water bottles, water cans or other items between the slat armor and the vehicle.
Staining the top slats was slow and tedious--if I had it to do over again, I'd stain the arches and slats before assembly.
La petite histoire raconte que Slat Alfassiyine serait la plus ancienne des synagogues de Fes.
With the blind fully extended and slats closed, use the soft brush upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner to clean from the centre outwards on its lowest setting.
The slat cleaner can be used by one person to clean a standard size pallet of 5 x 10 ft.
The objective of the study was to compare growth performance, feed efficiency ratio and some behavioural characteristics of Holstein Friesian calves kept on wooden slat, rubber mats or concrete pens.
There is no separate indication in the cockpit for leading-edge slat position.
They found that the slat-tip-to-glazing spacing and slat angle positions had significant effect on the U-factor of the window and blind system.
The Adjus SlatWall and UpRight System is incredibly durable and collectively serves as pegboard, slat wall, and bin rail.