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as if striking with slashing blows

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pops to the and now rusty the then garden, wall and The vandal slashes all four tyres on the car and bends open the doors before slashing the tyres of a neighbour's car before leaving.
The project is a chain saw slashing of logging damaged, diseased and suppressed mixed conifer species up to six inches (6 ) DBH, over 175 acres of previously logged areas.
High VAT and high income taxes are what follows for the rest of us, combined with slashing of social services.
They started by slashing two tyres on a van owned by a family with whom Newby was involved in a dispute, but then went on to slash scores of others, swigging from a bottle of vodka as they did so.
These statistics coincide with the study's examination of slashes as it is much easier to produce fatal trauma by slashing at the neck (e.
SAN FERNANDO - A defendant in a murder trial who is accused of slashing his attorney's arm last week hid the razor blade in a courthouse lockup room before deputies searched him, officials said Tuesday.
On the walls, three "Energy Paintings" recalled Abstract Expressionism--specifically the angular lines of Hans Hofmann--with their grayscale palette and slashing brushstrokes.
It also proposed slashing $300 million that was supposed to go toward adapting America's armaments industry for civilian use.
Ultra-integrated AS3517 Packs Power and Playback Features into 9X9 mm Form-Factor, Reducing External Components and Slashing BOM Costs
The 18-year-old, of Victoria Street, Hillfields, was found guilty by a jury at Warwick Crown Court last Friday of slashing a 17-year-old boy in the face outside Creams dessert lounge in Swanswell Street.
Simon McLean shadowed Amy Sorley and waited until night before slashing the tyres of her Volkswagen Golf while it was parked.
Tyre slashing thugs left a trail of destruction on a Tyneside estate.
They lack public support and cost a fortune, which is why the school board will soon reduce their number from 11 to six, while slashing $28 million from their budget.