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a boisterous comedy with chases and collisions and practical jokes

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acoustic device consisting of two paddles hinged together

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characterized by horseplay and physical action

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Town Hall business development manager Rob Guest said: "Danny and Clive are superb performers and we're looking forward to them unleashing their special brand of slapstick and mayhem on Middlesbrough in a show that will have mums, dads and kids laughing.
Now they return with daredevil acts and daring feats from around the world with their genius slapstick to give their local fans an interim dose of side-splitting comedy before returning to the city in November for their next blockbuster pantomime Jack and The Beanstalk.
Slapstick scenes in Widow Twankey's laundry and a flight on a magic carpet with Axminster Airlines, had the crowd laughing before the hall rocked to a Queen medley.
Old-fashioned slapstick - Brendan O'Carroll as Mrs Brown
There's been slapstick aplenty from Gerard Houllier's Villa this season and all's not well backstage.
The rst is slapstick defending, two centre-halves who are pretty consistent but gave a goal away without any pressure.
I am also a big fan of Laurel and Hardy and I found their serious slapstick style of comedy much funnier than that of some of the so-called alternative comedians of today.
BENDING THE FORMULA: Director Abhishek Sharma uses slapstick in Tere Bin Laden to do more than just make us laugh.
com)-- Mindgrub Technologies, a technology innovation agency, was contracted by Williams Whittle Digital in early 2010 to develop the online fan application Slapstick for the National Hockey League team the Washington Capitals.
Younger children - seven and under - will be amused by the slapstick stunts and silly gadgets.
Washington, Mar 26 (ANI): Oscar winner Sean Penn has been roped in to star alongside Jim Carrey in comedy film 'The Three Stooges', about the slapstick antics of Moe and Curly Howard and Larry Fine.
Summary: As a part of the ongoing Dubai Summer Surprises celebration, Mall of the Emirates brings together the grace of trampoline with hilarious slapstick comedy that is guaranteed to leave audiences with a smile.
Female slapstick performance is given its own chapter.
Sort of a morning-after "Wedding Crashers" with lame slapstick but good insight into arrested male development, "Samoan Wedding" also, almost offhandedly, paints a portrait of a vibrant ethnic community that -- at least outside of New Zealand -- has rarely been shown.
There's a fine line between vulgar slapstick and comedy," says Dobrin.