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Synonyms for slaphappy

dazed from or as if from repeated blows

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Similarly, when the camera turns to the soldiers preparing for the rally, the pride of the Reich tends to be made up of unremarkable human specimens, running toward the wan and spindly; anything but fearsome in physique or demeanor, they engage in slaphappy horseplay, like the boys they are.
Modern, prosperous Dublin constitutes the slaphappy, barhopping part of the Gay Grand Tour, when you swap the high culture and haute cuisine for some giddy nights on the town.
where she mixed Beckettian darkness with slaphappy lightness, through Feb.
His hearty brown slaphappy woodgod Pan merrily chases the naiad Syrinx along her native riverbank.
From the somber spaces of Joy Division to the messy antics of Happy Mondays, 24 Hour Party People is slaphappy with sound, fully immersed and riotous.
And then there are some who can't figure out what they want to be when they grow up, and seem to be slaphappy poking right along.
As we turned downwind, I was slaphappy after nine traps so far that day and 3 5 during the last four days.
As director, Jutra discovers a relentlessly jittery, ad-libbing style that is the ideal correlative of the slaphappy turmoil the picture aims at evoking.
Ryan and Darren, the main glue between us for nearly 20 years, were following in the car behind, all of us exhausted and a little slaphappy after lifting and toting since dawn.
On the other hand, to be fair, a capitalist could say that Jesus was old-fashioned, a man of his times, and his slaphappy way of doing things would not be so popular or effective today.
It is a rare year indeed when I get slaphappy over a product, but Eli certainly made me so," writes Winn Schwartau, author of Eli's "Category-Breaker" column in the February 28 "Best Products Issue" of Network World.
In his medley of Eraserheads' hits, JK was slaphappy, singing while spinning around on a stool, and wading through the crowd to get closer to his giddy fan girls who shrieked at the slightest of acknowledgments.
First word out he'd turn slaphappy, backhanding me upside the head for what any reasonable adult would deem your normal, healthy, everyday kid-type talkback.
Like so many men of my dispositionthickheaded and slaphappy, enamored of guns and besotted with boozeI never feel more religious than I do when I'm watching sports.