slap together

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make hastily and carelessly

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The Cards' brain trust proved last season they're happy to slap together a retread pitching staff just to get by, and nothing says they won't start doing that to the everyday lineup as well while they pay for the newest Busch Stadium (which is sold out every night but still apparently not providing enough capital to push the Cards' payroll up to competitive standards with the Mets, Cubs, Red Sox or Yankees).
As he wailed away on electric keys and flashed the sharp edges of those songs, it was immediately clear that Wonder was not about to tritely move through his songs or slap together crowd-pleasing but ultimately flimsy medleys.
Bacteria slap together an antibiotic molecule piece by piece, with different genes or sets of genes controlling each new addition.
If a sales clerk at an electronics superstore can slap together a top-of-the-line computer in ten minutes, however, surely automakers and parts suppliers can figure out how to build a custom-ordered car in a week, some analysts argue.
Most minisystem designers ignore this conundrum and just slap together a flashy looking (and tinny-sounding) low-budget box.
And, you know, he just may be: Werbach did slap together this bunch of windy green platitudes and insipid stories about green heroes into a book which is being marketed on the notoriety of his two-year sinecure as the president of the Sierra Club.
In fact, the journalistic blood-feast over this scandal reveals at least as much about the news media as it does about Congress: its proclivity toward dinky stories that beat reporters can slap together on deadline, and the collective mid-life yearning for the glory days of Watergate.
It is now, in my opinion, by far the most useful portable reloader available, and I'll be surprised if we don't begin to see a good many of these at rifle ranges, in hunting camps, and everywhere else that it's handy to be able to slap together a few rounds, away from a loading bench.