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While Hoagland observes a collusion of suffering and rest and recapture, all "part of the composition," and equates this with a kind of freedom, a need to shatter and reanimate, he is aware that he is calling on music, as he does directly in "Hard Rain," "Jazz," "Rhythm and Blues" and slantwise in "Request for a Toy Piano," which plays off the Dean Young poem (this book is in part dedicated to Young), and through the music of language and speech in "Personal" and "My Father's Vocabulary.
For Menachem and Mendy, time was of the essence: during the Sabbath, cooking, handling money, using motor vehicles, and operating machinery are all forbidden, and the light was falling slantwise, pooling shadows in the arched stone window frames of the buildings on the street.
The connotations of counterfeits and illegitimacy that the term has accumulated signal the threat of contamination in such slantwise crossings: a queer movement is one that crosses a line, joins noncomplementary series, traverses a border without legitimizing its vehicle by paying proper duties.
This novel--perfectly cast so as to appeal to both 'mature' and young adults--is Peter David's homage and slantwise sequel to J.
This group is characterized by specific types of amber adornments that are almost absent in the areas located to the east and to the north from the Baltic: elongated narrow pendants, rectangular and rounded buttons with a cut along their edges, boat-shaped buttons, elongated and key-like pendants with a hole for hanging (which is drilled horizontally from the lateral side or slantwise from the upper side) (Loze 1993, fig.
It was slantwise across Lidget Street from the even grander Zion Methodist Chapel, pictured below (JH290108Flindley-1 and 53-2058); GRANDEUR: Lindley Zion Methodist Church in November 1947.
A similar form of listing occurs in the contents page of Willem Boshoff, a slyly slantwise itemising in which Vladislavic has generated chapter headings as alluring as the titles of his short stories.
parked slantwise in front of the movie house, got out, and leaned back
The bees get what they want by sidling up to alfalfa flowers and sipping slantwise.
He made the breakthrough in his Horn Trio (1982), which initiated a late-Ligeti style of slantwise classical form, wild polyrhythm (prompted in part by African and Caribbean music and in part by a fascination with how streams of notes could mimic the number crunching of digital processing and fractal mathematics), and estranged harmony, in which unconventional tunings play a part, as they had to a lesser degree before.
4 hours, which was consistent with the typical timescale for moist slantwise convection released from conditional symmetric instability.
Yet, for all its witty manipulation of the rom-com formula, there is still a predictability that you don't expect from the Coens who are usually happier taking a slantwise look at the world.
Mrs Artis said: ``I was sitting slantwise on a chair and John walked past me.
Be willing to tell everything on yourself, but slantwise.