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Synonyms for slanted

Synonyms for slanted

having an oblique or slanted direction

favoring one person or side over another

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At any rate, the transition concept is based on the fact that the downwash separates at the top of the slanted base and reattaches somewhere on the slanted base below the critical angle, whereas it does not reattach any more beyond the critical angle.
com (Search Through Slanted Windows) or on the author's web site: www.
For measuring image sharpness, a special target shall be constructed, containing five calibration targets (four near the corners and one in the center) such as the QA-62 target (presented in Figure 1)with four slanted edges as sides of a rectangle.
Makino's variable geometry series of horizontal machining centers provides simultaneous three-axis machining and slanted hole machining by tilting the spindle at an optimum angle for outstanding access to the machining point.
Deliberately choosing to leave key information out of the article is very slanted reporting on this situation.
A popular actor known for his portrayal of a gay persona long before Ellen, Rosie, or "Will & Grace", Lynde dared to sneak doses of slanted wit into American living rooms during a noticeably more straight-laced era than today.
These well-meaning essays are obviously slanted to educate straight readers--or someone who came out yesterday--and stress patience and compromise.
Slanted tweezers are easier to use than pointed ones.
The figures were attached to a stainless-steel pole, which slanted at a 75-degree angle.
You will note that in the architects' plans this appears in its original design--a pathway leading from the house to the guesthouse--and not in my design of a V-shaped cut into the hill detailed with slanted stone walls and a slip of vestigial 'natural' landscape leading down from the 'pezoules' and out into the view.
Therefore, clients were prepared to pay large fees for this service, based upon a perceived value proposition slanted toward and favoring computer technology.
Goldberg notes that this left-wing worldview results in news hopelessly slanted to the left.
Pertinent Data: The Variaxis 500 can machine the top, four sides, inclined faces and slanted holes of a workpiece as well as perform full 5-axis contouring.
Americans United also worked to advise houses of worship about the dangers of distributing slanted and partisan Christian Coalition "voter guides.