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Synonyms for slanted

Synonyms for slanted

having an oblique or slanted direction

favoring one person or side over another

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To detect the five slanted rectangles in the target image, a conversion to black-and-white followed by 4-connected (black) pixel detection can be applied.
You will note that in the architects' plans this appears in its original design--a pathway leading from the house to the guesthouse--and not in my design of a V-shaped cut into the hill detailed with slanted stone walls and a slip of vestigial 'natural' landscape leading down from the 'pezoules' and out into the view.
Therefore, clients were prepared to pay large fees for this service, based upon a perceived value proposition slanted toward and favoring computer technology.
Goldberg notes that this left-wing worldview results in news hopelessly slanted to the left.
Pertinent Data: The Variaxis 500 can machine the top, four sides, inclined faces and slanted holes of a workpiece as well as perform full 5-axis contouring.
Americans United also worked to advise houses of worship about the dangers of distributing slanted and partisan Christian Coalition "voter guides.
I just didn't expect to find such a slanted report of the situation in Israel in an otherwise excellent Catholic periodical.
In each painting I showed the students where the two points were on the horizon line and how the upper and lower slanted lines of the building were lined up with those two points.
This is the croise that Balanchine used most often in choreography and that we practiced most frequently in class: body straight, working leg directly front or back, neck curved, head slanted, upstage arm in a fifth high framing the face (meaning the hand is just in front of the head, rather than pulled to the back) so the fingertips are over the center line of the head.
We can always find a noseguard who can defeat the opposing center one-on-one, especially when the NG is slanted.
She exposes the so-called research in the report as bogus, slanted, or wrong.
I noted early in my boyhood one particular stalwart ponderosa that grew arrow-straight out of the ground but slanted maybe 15 feet out of plumb at its tip.
Instead, they would use a modified script in which the manuscript letters are slanted and most of the "small" or lower-case letters resemble their cursive counterparts.
For water droplets continuously sprayed on a slanted surface, an avalanche occurs when individual droplets reach a critical mass, at which point they begin to run down the surface, capturing other droplets stationed along their paths.