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constituting or expressed in slang or given to the use of slang

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In the language configuration under analysis the use of slangy language was examined that is used in 20 cases by male and female executors that are used 12 times by men and 8 times by women executors.
The slangy, vulgar language of "Passa-t'ho be, Reme" characterizes its protagonist-narrator, whose favorite word is mecagonlolla.
She was a carefree professional called Angele (accounts of whose slapdash good humour and slangy talk remind one of the main character in George Du Maurier's novel, Trilby).
Written in slangy, raunchy Algerian Arabic, it was translated into Italian in 1999 by the highly capable Francesco Leggio and printed in a small bilingual edition at the author's expense.
Rashid Ahmed, Managing Director PTV Yusuf Big Mira, Managing Director Radio Mustafa Slangy and Managing Director Associated Press of Pakistan Rae These Ali Khan were also present in the meeting.
Lawrence provides the most detailed (not to say, vivid) description of the return of Christ Himself, and gives a slangy and blasphemous account of his novella: "I wrote a story of the Resurrection where Jesus gets up and feels very sick about everything, and can't stand the old crowd anymore--so cuts out" (Collected Letters, ed.
So it's great to see someone like Ifor still relishing his roots and endeavouring to keep the Welsh language, in all its multifarious slangy, colloquialistic idioms, alive and clecking.
Five works occupy the venue (a converted army barracks, in the form of a rectilinear U, devoted to temporary exhibitions): three installations indoors; one work outside, Chinati Thirteener, 2010, consisting of thirteen rows, each composed often steel plates; and a found-object sculpture of 1963 (The Sign of Immortality, an iron rod with a loop at one end through which a Camel cigarette pack has been stuffed), leaning against an interior wall like a slangy amulet.
Mean," Warren tells us, "is a loaded word, with a double sense--mean in the slangy, town sense of tricky and expert, and mean as cruel, ferocious, destructive" ("On 'The Patented Gate'" 100).
Redgie's rather slangy enthusiastic way of expressing himself is not unlike Clive's.
In Mayfair, a similar social class to that in Triomf was complicit in a similarly race-laced compendium of vulgar behaviours, except for the fact that my own milieu had been formed within the registers of a streetwise, sloppy, slangy, degraded form of "Joburg" English.
Drew's voice has an authentic, slangy but readable ring, and his technical and vivid descriptions of game strategy and action will certainly satisfy fans of the sport.
I speak only English--a slangy, mumbling English--and I don't readbooks in any language.
His prose is smart, observant; and slangy and tangy (though I admit, sometimes, I wondered if his improvisations sounded a few off notes: as when he describes someone "dragging the crisp tails of one frenchfry after another through a bloodbath of ketchup" on page 23, as "bloodbath" conjures something too large and destructive for a minor event).
Then, too, the slangy "Yah" that opens the utterance loses something in its translation as "si," which, though semantically correct enough, fails to develop the speaker's character as effectively as the original does.