slanging match

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The slanging match was entertaining for its rivals and the trade press, but many Nisa members were frustrated the board was fighting fires rather than addressing the real issues, which prompted talks in the first place.
I like to think my mind operates on a level where getting involved in a low grade slanging match with your correspondent Mr Turner (Butler Is Pol Potty, 14.
Real dialogue must include the possibility of disagreeing deeply, and even having a slanging match.
But dignified Liz told us she didn't want to get into a slanging match and 'air her dirty laundry in public'.
It started as a discussion about who goes where for Christmas and ended in a horrible slanging match.
The slanging match went on for two minutes until presenter Libby Purves stepped in to calm things down.
2010 WORLD CUP: Nicolas Anelka had a slanging match at half-time with coach Raymond Domenech and was sent home.
A source said: "She didn't want to get drawn into a slanging match but to say she was annoyed would be an understatement.
Having already triggered a slanging match with equally combative Kiwi batsman James Franklin, Watson ran in to bowl, enticed an edge from Gareth Hopkins, Brad Haddin took the catch, Watson punched the air and the locals had their villain.
A slanging match ensued, getting vocally louder, as he sped off in to the distance and narrowly avoided a fellow pedestrian walking his dog.
A verbal slanging match with his partner of 16 years, with whom he has two young children, then escalated into violence.
At least the after-fight slanging match produced the action the eagerly-anticipated bout itself never delivered.
Don't run away with the notion that local politics is a laugh because an MP and a council are engaged in a slanging match.
DAILY STAR: Boro chairman Steve Gibson was forced to calm furious fans whose anger spilled over into a post-match slanging match.
Vieira, who left Arsenal for Juventus this summer, and Manchester United skipper Keane clashed several times in the Premiership, with the situation coming to a head in a slanging match in the Highbury tunnel last February.