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constituting or expressed in slang or given to the use of slang

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Elton displays little elegance in her conversation, which includes slangily terse references to "'Mr.
There are important similarities between Monterrey and the unnamed, second place ("the sun," an overall atmosphere or literal sweaty heat is slangily "for real" in both places), but thereafter comes an invocation of the particularity of this city that charmingly reminds readers that not everything is theirs to recognize and assimilate, or perhaps dares them to spend the years in Monterrey necessary to fully understand its evocation.
Art historians are activist in various ways, and the thought largely pertinent to their investigations is contained in a canon of texts slangily designated Theory, which are the product of the Continental writers David mentions who, for whatever reason, are not widely read by professional philosophers in America.
Meanwhile, on the soundtrack, contrapuntal voices weave a rich audio tapestry: Sonia's artist comrades, heard via read-aloud letters and journals, chime in to amplify Sonia's ongoing narrative, slangily evoking the boisterous Stray Dog Cabaret--hangout of revolutionary poets and painters--or enthusing over more pastoral get-togethers at a country home by the sea.
might be slangily translated as "Don't be too sure," reminds us while praising Hugh Trevor-Roper's Men and Ideas that history should give "pleasure and instruction," notes that Erwin Panofsky's 15 pages on Durer's famous print Melencolia are this distinguished scholar's "critical masterpiece," suggests that Moliere's Misanthrope may be "the comedy of comedies," and proclaims Bernard Shaw "the greatest master of English prose since Swift.