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informal language consisting of words and expressions that are not considered appropriate for formal occasions

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Both are enormously productive and account for numerous slang expressions based on standard English.
It was when Ms Cooper used the slang expression "hassle-free" that fatty Soames took umbrage and roared across the Commons chamber: "Sit down, boy.
However, the slang expression, it's history, is also correct: the King's Library, as we know it, will not exist next year.
Surfing the Web" is a slang expression for browsing, or looking around the Internet.
Fair Dinkum - Australian slang expression for fair and genuine as in real, a genuine bargain.
Lord Justice Auld, sitting with Mr Justice Goldring, ruled there was no doubt the word ``Paki'' was ``a slang expression which is racially offensive''.
Although it also appears in the teacher's manual glossary, no official Catholic source has ever used "heterosexism", another homosexual slang expression which condemns so-called "intolerance" of all but normal sexual relationships.
The catchy campaign name “Onlinelahtauke” is a Singaporean slang expression which carried the meaning of “let's go online, bosses
Mr Goodall, who operates from St Albans, Herts, suspects that his organisation's SOBS website prefix - SOB is commonly used as a slang expression across the Atlantic - may well have attracted the attention of American spymasters.
Edgar Allan - A slang expression for a pizza with pepperoni (P) and onions (O) - making it a PO pie, as in Edgar Allan Poe.
Mr Grobbelaar also talks of "some f***ing fresh" - a slang expression for an attractive girl - in the hotel bar and said that was why he and Vincent were going to have a drink there.
Best of all, fans already recognize that "Grand Royal," a slang expression originally coined by the great Biz Markie, stands for "Absolute Top Notch Quality Every Time.
Named after an American slang expression, this game is about a postal worker who goes on a killing spree in smalltown America.
language register, regional colloquialisms, slang expressions, and do so with clear and