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one who attacks the reputation of another by slander or libel

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Therefore this spell can hardly be addressed against one human slanderer, thus explaining the common interpretation of the text.
Called a drunk, a liar, a slanderer, Manescu explodes against his interrogators and then retreats into humiliated resignation, noisily shredding paper into an open mic, as the question of whose account is true ebbs into the unanswerable.
Uribe has called Petro a "slanderer," saying, "To be a mediocre guerrilla and such a lucid slanderer speaks very poorly of the character of the guerrilla," Uribe said during a speech in the Caribbean city of Cartagena, referring to Petro's time in the defunct leftist rebel group M-19, which made peace with the government in 1990.
Such multiple correspondences between Thersites and Achilles are far more elaborate than necessary to contrast epic hero and satiric slanderer.
Thus, custom says, you must be free from error; you must possess an unsullied fame: yet, if a slanderer, or a libertine, even by the most unpardonable falshoods [sic], deprive you of either reputation or repose, you have no remedy.
20) Though not named, Whelan took this reference to refer to himself and wrote angrily to the archbishop denouncing Coffey as "a cowardly slanderer.
Supreme Court's decision to let stand a Pennsylvania lawsuit against both a slanderer and the newspaper that printed the slander, I was not surprised by The Register-Guard's April 4 editorial opinion that these decisions were a chilling assault on the "neutral reporting privilege.
Now comes Ron the slanderer of Chinese women with a trashy remark that reeked of Bernard Manning.
To foster belief, the slanderer employs a rhetorical strategy suggesting an intrinsic, functional relation between language, materiality and agency expressed in the two most powerful metaphors for slander--poison and witchcraft" (30).
It appears that CBS and Dan Rather were doing business with a liar as well as a slanderer.
He was excoriated as a royalist and a slanderer, among other things, and his critics inveighed against his foreign and squalid upbringing.
4) But the injury to reputation accomplished by slander threatens both its subject and object, or the slanderer and the slandered.
A workplace jerk-"the parasite, the slanderer, the gossip, the time bomb"-can really mess with the minds of coworkers.
from Australia (the theological college there accepts him), having bought his first bishopric (this would be simony, and would be shocking if it were believable), and in the words of a wisely unidentified slanderer being, in short, a 'Paki Papist'.