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one who attacks the reputation of another by slander or libel

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The same images are also found in Richard Ward's The Nature, Use, and Abuse of the Tongue and Speech (1673), where the "evil and abusive tongue" is compared to a sword (often a two-edged sword, which kills both the slandered person and the slanderer, from Proverbs 5:4), a serpent and a "Night-raven," the latter being a reference to Pliny, according to Ward (160-61).
Denounced by "defenders of the good name of Jedwabne" as yet another "Jewish slanderer," she had to resort to subterfuge to be able to talk to some.
Therefore this spell can hardly be addressed against one human slanderer, thus explaining the common interpretation of the text.
5) These words are spoken by Lucio in his habitual role of slanderer, and "shy" clearly has some of the word's negative connotations listed above.
This is not about a lie being promoted by the writer of an article here or an insult issued by a slanderer there.
It urged people subjected to online smear campaigns to report any cyber violations for legal action to be taken against the site and the slanderer.
It should be possible to describe a society (for instance, wartime Poland) without being falsely pigeonholed as either a slanderer or a defender of it.
No, it is the Tempter himself, the Slanderer, the Evil One into whose clutches we are mortally afraid to fall.
Though skate tours have a rich history of participants verbally abusing or "capping on" one another, I defy any slanderer to compete with RVCA team manager Jimmy Arrighi.
Joseph was not a slanderer when he accused his brothers before his father about the worst crime (Gen.
As Linda Woodbridge observed long ago, the stage misogynist and the slanderer are a team; they work together against the virtuous women in Renaissance plays (Women and the English Renaissance, 275-99).
Words wound and brand the victim as much as branding in a literal sense might be just punishment for the slanderer.
Of all the characters in the novel, he is the most criminal--a slanderer, kidnapper, animal abuser, liar and con-artist" (117).
Called a drunk, a liar, a slanderer, Manescu explodes against his interrogators and then retreats into humiliated resignation, noisily shredding paper into an open mic, as the question of whose account is true ebbs into the unanswerable.
Uribe has called Petro a "slanderer," saying, "To be a mediocre guerrilla and such a lucid slanderer speaks very poorly of the character of the guerrilla," Uribe said during a speech in the Caribbean city of Cartagena, referring to Petro's time in the defunct leftist rebel group M-19, which made peace with the government in 1990.