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Synonyms for slammer

Synonyms for slammer

a person who closes things violently

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a correctional institution used to detain persons who are in the lawful custody of the government (either accused persons awaiting trial or convicted persons serving a sentence)

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Then, that,' said the man with the camp-stool, 'is an affront to Doctor Slammer, and a sufficient reason for proceeding immediately.
It will give me great pleasure, I am sure,' replied Doctor Slammer, little suspecting who Mr.
Doctor Slammer and his friends repaired to the barracks, and Mr.
We had a wrap party at the end of series four and she had never had a tequila slammer before and she took to it like a drunk duck to water.
The former world hip-hop freestyle champion will appear on CBBC show The Slammer at 5pm.
By now, some Outtakes readers have heard of, seen, read or--and we certainly hope this is not the case--appeared in The Slammer, the weekly tabloid that sells for $1 at about 140 gas stations, convenience stores and a few liquor stores in central Arkansas.
One of my mates said 'Another Tequila and Slammer' and it sounded a bit like Keiron Slammer at that stage of proceedings
In the larger scheme of things, it is not very important whether Jefferson goes to the slammer.
All POG flipped over by the slammer were won by that player.
The Slammer carries passengers 105ft into the sky before flipping them over to fall back to earth at around 30mph.
From February 2006 the next generation of POGsters will be able to get their hands on foil packs containing 5 POG and a slammer from newsagents throughout the UK for GBP1.
The Pillar Axiom consists of three independently-scalable components: the Slammer storage controllers, Brick disk modules and the Pilot storage management software.
The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission this week warned nuclear power plant operators to implement safeguards against the Slammer worm, which took systems at one such plant offline in January.
Thanks in large part to the Slammer worm, which began wreaking havoc across the Internet in late January, the first quarter of this year saw almost double the number of attacks from the fourth quarter of 2002, according to a summary of events by Internet Security Systems' (ISS) X-Force security research arm, taken from more than 400 network and server-based intrusion detection sensors on four continents.