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Synonyms for slam-bang

violent and sudden and noisy

in a careless or reckless manner


in a violent or sudden or noisy manner


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Pune Warriors became the latest team to be terminated from the IPL after the BCCI working committee decided to end the Sahara-owned team's tenure with the slam-bang T20 league.
Action sequences are slickly orchestrated and Blomkamp brings together all of the surviving characters for a rousing slam-bang finale.
But looks aren''t everything, and the script''s philosophical musings are almost as flimsy as the central love triangle that fails to ignite the emotional afterburners for a slam-bang finale.
This directorial offering from Ben Stiller unites some of Hollywood's finest comics in a slam-bang satire of war epics.
Lin delivers slam-bang thrills including a theft from a moving train and a bruising fist fight between the two beefiest members of cast.
DIRECTOR DJ Caruso (Eagle Eye, Disturbia) provides the requisite slam-bang thrills in this adaptation of Pittacus Lore's novel, the first instalment of a proposed six-book series.
The slam-bang all rounder said that the doctors have diagnosed a small rupture in his side and advised him rest for a couple of days, because of which he would miss Friday's (today) practice match against Essex.
The vocally-challenged Paradice is a hammy, hard luck tale, while the slam-bang cuckold revenge song The Price Is Wrong is fast, foul-mouthed and funny, but flimsy.
The old dog is in no mood to learn new tricks for this remake of the 1974 thriller starring Walter Matthau and Robert Shaw, falling back on the slam-bang, slow-motion set-pieces that have become his trademark.
So says this slam-bang action thriller based on the comic book series by Mark Millar and J G Jones, about a brotherhood of gun-toting weavers who divine the future from imperfections in fabric.
Fresh from his Sky One sorties with real front-line troops in Afghanistan, Ross Kemp blasts his way back into the TV schedules with three more slabs of slam-bang action.
Nobody told him he needed to cut it down; he knew this wasn't a movie the studio - or audiences - wanted to endure, particularly for something being marketed as a slam-bang summer epic.
Odd faces off alone with unimaginable evil in a slam-bang climax.
Don't look to me for a slam-bang assault on footballers' wages.
a crackling blend of suspense and fun," (Peter Travers of Rolling Stone) and "a slam-bang thriller," (David Ansen, Newsweek), "Speed" will be released for an ownable price of $19.